One Of The Most Essential Skills You Need To Have To Succeed In Career And Life.

One Of The Most Essential Skills You Need To Have To Succeed In Career And Life.

The ability to cope with unexpected challenges and changes in life is referred to as resilience. Stress and disappointment are inevitable and is not always possible to prevent adverse situations. Health issues, financial stress, bereavement and relationship problems – it could be one of the many traumas in life. The only thing which can prevent us from such situations is resilience. 

To be able to live satisfied and peaceful life, having resilience is one of the keys. It can enhance relationships and prevent depression. It safeguards us against any long-term difficulties and provides the strength to deal with unexpected changes and the one we anticipated but could not avoid. Resilience is a quality which is not limited to some. It can be developed by anyone to face any situation with determination and not see themselves as a victim. 

Strategies to Build Resilience

1. Live to Learn

Take challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. The more you take challenges in a positive way, the more you will evolve and the more resilient you will be. Pain is inevitable and everyone has to go through it at some point in time in their life. Look at it as an opportunity to solve the problem and learn in the process. Try to build a positive attitude and confidence of moving towards the pain, instead of avoiding it. This will take you a long way in building resilience. 

2. Be Hopeful and Focus on Gratitude

Hopelessness is the worst possible choice anyone can make. We all feel hopeless sporadically, but it should be avoided at best. People who have the trait of being resilient in themselves, do not define themselves by their fleeting emotions. Be hope, as it gives meaning and strength to survive. In addition to this, always be grateful for what you have. Take things positively and always see the glass as half full and not as half empty. 

3. Meditate

Most of the painful thoughts that we have are in some ways related to our past and future. We regret the things which went wrong and feel anxious about the one which will. It is important to let of go of what you cannot control, which is the past and the future and is more important to live in the present. This is where you will find things to be okay and normal, even when you are having trouble with something. Meditate as much as you can, because it will calm your mind from wondering either in the past or the future and will help you to live in the present. 

4. Learn to Forgive

Most of the time holding grudges will be the reason to hold you back and probably the reason for your disappointment. If this is the case with you, learn to forgive, because your own mental and physical wellness is more important than holding grudges against each other. Let go what happened for your own peace. It doesn't mean that you are reconciling with the other person, it just means that you are letting the issue go, so it doesn't affect you.

November 10, 2018



November 10, 2018

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