Why Some People Don’t Make It

Why Some People Don’t Make It

Why is it that some people don’t make it in their lives? By make it, in this case, I am talking about people who don’t’ reach their potential, don’t make a change that they want, don’t get the career/life they want, etc. We all know those kinds of people, maybe you are one of them.

Well, today I am calling it! Enough is enough. Stop being that person. Life is too short and you deserve to live your best life.

Here are some things to stop and some things to start doing TODAY to get you to take action.

3 Things to STOP Doing

  • Giving up control. The minute you start blaming the job market, your environment, your company, your parents/significant others, your past, etc. for things that don’t go your way, is the minute you give up control and power over your own life.
  • Giving yourself excuses of why you can’t do something. Don’t have time to do something? Ok, I will make easy, let not talk in days, let’s talk in weeks -- you want to tell me you don’t have 1 hour per week to focus on your personal and career development? Be honest with yourself.
  • Having a fixed mindset. Some people have a fixed mindset which means they believe there is no more room for improvement, that what you get is what you get in life, that there is no way to get better or to overcome obstacles, that whatever skills he/she has today is all they got and they don’t need to improve anymore. (Click here to watch a quick video on fixed vs. growth mindset).

3 Things to START Doing

  • Take charge of your life and career. Find out what you want, try things, make a plan of action, create timelines, self-educate, do your research, reach out to others. Do something! Find that purpose. We all have it, and it doesn’t include doing several things at once.
  • Focus. Find an area of focus and focus on that. Too many people are out there spending years jumping from job to job, career to career because they never stop and get to know themselves, their interests, etc. Find what is it that you are good at, what you want to be an expert in, grow in that field; to become great at something it takes time, so give it your time and energy.
  • Take care of your body and mind. Health and well-being over it all. Make time for regular exercise and meditation. Stop eating processed/fried/sugary foods. You are what you eat. You only have one body, take care of it! It will add to your energy, clear mind, and overall drive in life.

Don’t know what you want for your career/life?

  • There are countless of resources and tools available online to help you figure out your interests, passions, etc. Look at Udemy and others MOOCS that offer various free or cheap resources on figuring out your strengths, interests, etc. Also, check out Strength Finder to help you identify your strengths and talents. Use Google! Do your research.
  • Talk to a mentor/career coach/therapist. Figure out your things.
  • Meet as many people as you can, ask them about their stories, hear from their perspectives and journeys. You don’t know what you don’t know, so reach out to others, learn from them, it will get you closer to figuring out your pathway.
  • Read my previous blog on career planning  and personal brand, both of which might help with getting started.

More times than not all it takes is determination and perseverance. If things came easily, we would all be at our full potential. But, they don’t come easily and you need to work to make things happen for you and your life. It starts with you so begin there!

Anything that comes easily will also go easily. Anything that is worth having will require work and patience. 

September 12, 2018



September 12, 2018

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