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Positively shifting minds towards their goals and ambitions
Elena's Bio:
Talent development specialist, Entrepreneur, and Education advocate
She is an engaging skilled trainer and talent development specialist, credited with combining operations, education, and international expertise to design and deliver programs for diverse audiences. She is known for her ability to drive change within individuals and organizations that are looking to reach their potential and maintain their competitive edge in the business world. She has started her career in higher education, having worked across various institutions, departments and regions. In her recent years, she dove into business and founded a learning and developing consultancy – Agar Global Services and Co-Founded Bessern – tech solution for productivity and well-being in organizations.

Elena applies unique methodology using habit formation, learnings from neuroscience (how brain learns and actually creates motivation and change), behavioral science and proven methods of positive psychology to achieve measurable results with her clients.

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Elena has a strong passion for L&D, promoting creative and engaging workplaces and all about optimizing performance through the development of others with a keen interest in neuroscience. As a career and talent development coach, Elena has over 10 years of experience working individuals across different generations, supporting them in achieving their professional and personal goals. She also recently wrote a guidebook on how to shift yourself and others towards path to success. Finally, she is a regular contributor to Forbes Middle East, and various publications and online platforms in the Middle East region.

When she is not leading talent transformation, she volunteers her time to help young students with their career development goals.
12+ years

of experience working with various institutions and organizations
100+ companies

worked with
1000+ people

positivity shifting minds of 1000+ people
100+ events

speaking events on learning
How we can work together:
Career Coaching
Whether you are an entry level individual looking to create a plan for your career, or a mid-level manager looking to progress to the next level, or someone who is simply looking for a change, we can help. Elena will work with you to design a step by step plan on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Group Sessions
Elena provides various trainings for organizations who are looking to develop their individuals to deliver the best results for the business, work better as a team, create a culture of understanding among team members, help with career progression and succession planning, as well as ensure team members are in positions where they can add the most value.
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«Your Time to Design Your Future»
Guidebook to seize opportunities in times of uncertainty

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Our clients love us
I have had the opportunity to work with Elena over the last year. She has helped me both professionally and personally, she made me realized in order to succeed professionally as well as personally I need to work from within.
Elena helped me through my journey to really get closer to who I am and do what I want to do. She helped me gain clarity with some major life decisions and gave me strategies to move forward and implement. Elena is full of positivity and puts you at ease with her presence. Her approach is so subtle and yet so powerful. She is very supportive, lovable, approachable, humble and a true source of inspiration and motivation.
I highly recommend Elena for anyone looking for professional or personal help in order to unleash their full potential. She is simply the best!
Farida Natour
Co-Founder and Design Director at la mesa
I reached out to Elena for career-coaching post COVID-19, so she can help me as I wanted to shift from one domain to the other. She took her time to explain to me the pros and cons of my choices, what my options are, and how to take my first steps in such a competitive market. I feel I needed this kind of professionalism, understanding and support to manage my shift smoothly. Because of my discussions with her, I am now taking courses in certain aspects that are lacking in my skills, I revamped my CV to showcase my transferrable skills, and so much more.

I totally recommend Elena to anyone who needs career guidance in such tough times.
Rania A. Attia
Brand Manager, Luxury
Dubai, UAE
Elena is, without a doubt, the premier career and personal branding coach in the Middle East right now. Her truly global network and the expertise in understanding the nuance and deeper context across all major sectors is what sets her above her colleagues.
Feargal MacDowell
Director at MedFocus
I reached Elena as I was looking for outstanding guest speakers for our webinar series at Ajman University. Elena answered positively right away and working with her was a real pleasure. She has extended knowledge in talent development and she paid a close attention to the interaction with students and alumni, making a great use of polls, Q&A and giving reading advices afterwards.

We already planned a second talk with her this month!
Anne Pitchen
Fundraiser, Development office
Ajman University
Elena is a great advisor, she has a wide network and clear understanding of the market needs accordingly she is able to give a strong relevant feedback and recommendation and provide opportunities that is fit to her clients.
Ahmed Diaa
Product Manager Hermatology Gulf at Amgen
Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
How does the coaching take place? Is there an option for face to face?
Coaching usually takes place via GoToWebinar video platform. You will receive a link to join each session. Face to face is an option – if the schedule allows - if we are in the same city or when I am visiting your city for business.
How can I test out your services/personality fit before joining?
I host monthly free webinars where I speak on topics of career and personal development, as well as invite guests. You can check it out under Events tab.
Can I buy one coaching sessions, instead of 4 weeks package?
For new clients – a single session is not enough to make an impact. Career development and skills topics require at least 4 sessions (1 per week). For returning clients – you can book a 1 hour session.
Do you work only in UAE?
No, I have clients from all over the world as the sessions take place online. I also travel quite a bit to deliver sessions globally to groups so there is an option for face to face meeting when I am visiting your city on business.
Is there a payment plan for the courses?
Yes, you can pay in 3 increments if needed.
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