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Talent Development Specialist, Career Coach, Author, Podcaster
Elena's Bio:
I started my career in higher education, having worked across various institutions, departments and regions. After a few years I decided to expand my reach to adult learners & decided to shift towards corporations - working with them to create learning journeys, build effective talent acquisition pipelines, and develop talent development programs.

As a skilled trainer, I design and deliver programs for diverse audiences globally in person and virtually. If you ask my colleagues and clients, they will tell you I am known for my ability to drive change within individuals and organizations that are looking to reach their potential and maintain their competitive edge in the business world.

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14+ years

of experience working with various institutions and organizations
100+ companies

worked with
1000+ people

positivity shifting minds of 1000+ people
100+ events

speaking events on learning
How we can work together
Whether you are an entry level individual looking to create a plan for your career, or a mid-level manager looking to progress to the next level, or someone who is simply looking for a change, we can help. Elena will work with you to design a step by step plan on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Elena provides various trainings for organizations who are looking to develop their individuals to deliver the best results for the business, work better as a team, create a culture of understanding among team members, help with career progression and succession planning, as well as ensure team members are in positions where they can add the most value.
Career Coaching
Group Sessions
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This book is for people who have enough of knowing what it takes to change but simply find it hard to be motivated and consistent with actions to be an awesome leader. It is for people who believe that life is simply about trying and sometimes failing and that’s ok, as long as there is progress.
The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership: A Brain Friendly Approach to Take Action and Be an Inspiring Leader
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