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Strategic Human Capital | Career Coach | Speaker | Organizational Development Strategist | Podcast Host | Author | Cognitive Science Enthusiast
A Catalyst for Transformation in Talent Development
Elena's Bio:
Elena Agaragimova exemplifies resilience in her journey from academia to leading roles in global corporations. Passionate about human potential, she crafts transformative talent development programs and talent pipelines. With her unique blend of empowerment and empathy, Elena drives growth in individuals and organisations within the competitive business world.

In her high-impact role at a top-tier tech consulting firm, Elena brings belief in the untapped capabilities of the human mind, integrating neuroscience to maximize effectiveness. She's also a sought-after speaker delivering messages that resonate with audiences from New York to Dubai.

An entrepreneur at heart, Elena co-founded Bloom Youth and launched Bessern, both tech solutions aimed at enhancing skills and well-being. She's the author of two books: Shift and The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership and hosts two podcasts: Shift with Elena Agar and Confessions of a Career Coach. Beyond her professional life, Elena dedicates time to mentor young professionals and assist military veterans in transitioning to corporate roles.
14+ years

of experience working with various institutions and organizations
100+ companies

worked with
1000+ people

positivity shifting minds of 1000+ people
100+ events

speaking events on learning
How we can work together
Whether you are an entry level individual looking to create a plan for your career, or a mid-level manager looking to progress to the next level, or someone who is simply looking for a change, we can help. Elena will work with you to design a step by step plan on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Our Strategic Human Capital service is designed for companies who understand the critical importance of their workforce in achieving sustainable business success.

We specialize in unlocking the full potential of your human capital, providing tailored solutions in talent acquisition, performance optimization, and skills building.

Whether you're a large corporation aiming to boost employee engagement and productivity, a mid-sized company seeking innovative talent development, or a startup looking to build a dynamic workforce, our consulting expertise offers data-driven insights, customized strategies, and expert guidance to help you harness the power of your human capital for strategic growth and lasting success.
Career Coaching
Strategic Human Capital
Welcome to our Youth Talent Pipeline Development service, where we bridge the gap between young talent and the corporate world. With customized training programs, mentorship, and recruitment services, we empower both organizations and young individuals to thrive in today's dynamic workforce.
Young Talent
Pipeline Development
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The importance of building diverse teams and fostering psychological safety (with Jeremiah Allen)
TEDxRITDubai | Living Your Truth | Elena Agaragimova

Why being dangerous is the best way to beat redundancy! (with Erik Kruger)

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This book is for people who have enough of knowing what it takes to change but simply find it hard to be motivated and consistent with actions to be an awesome leader. It is for people who believe that life is simply about trying and sometimes failing and that’s ok, as long as there is progress.
The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership: A Brain Friendly Approach to Take Action and Be an Inspiring Leader
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    Do you have some questions? Find answers below! 
    How does the coaching take place? Is there an option for face to face?
    Coaching usually takes place on Zoom. You will receive a link to join each session. Face to face is an option – if the schedule allows - if we are in the same city or when I am visiting your city for business.
    How can I test out your services/personality fit before joining?
    I host monthly free webinars where I speak on topics of career and personal development, as well as invite guests. Follow me on LinkedIn and check out my YouTube to see me in action or feel free to reach out to me to book a 15 mins introductory call
    Can I buy one coaching sessions, instead of 4 weeks package?
    For new clients – a single session is not enough to make an impact. Career development and skills topics require at least 4 sessions (1 per week). For returning clients – you can book a 1 hour session.
    Do you work only in USA?
    No, I have clients from all over the world as the sessions take place online. I also travel quite a bit to deliver sessions globally to groups so there is an option for face to face meeting when I am visiting your city on business.
    Is there a payment plan for the courses?
    Yes, you can pay in 3 increments if needed.
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