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You don't know what you don't know

You don't know what you don't know. If your circle, family, school, community, environment don't expose you to certain things in life, certain outlooks, opportunities, possibilities, it is very hard to know what is there - it is hard to understand the possibilities you have if you do not see them play out around you. You need to intentionally seek those exposures & let yourself see what is possible. Everyone struggles. Everyone that achieved some sort of success has gone through their own challenges, obstacles, and failures. Don't compare yourself to anyone. Observe & learn from others but ultimately create a pathway that works for you. 

You don't know what you don't know. 

It is difficult to realize your own potential if you are stuck in one way of thinking, one way of doing things, same network, same environment, same exposure to things. It is simply impossible to grow if your surroundings are not pushing you, challenging you, driving you, exciting you, motivating you, inspiring you. If you are not changing continuously, it is likely that you are not living up to your potential. Period.

Simple formula:
> Comfort = stagnation / your eventual irrelevance
> Discomfort = growth/resilience/drive.

And, discomfort comes in different forms for all of us. 

There are ways to increase your chances of being exposed to things that you don't know. 
  • Talk to people you normally wouldn't talk to - expose yourself to new people, new networks, new environments - it might be difficult for some people - watch this talk with Mark Metry about overcoming social anxiety + tips for introverts. 
  • Watch/read things you normally would not read - be mindful of search engines that typically track what you watch & will keep recommending you similar topics. To get out of your regular topics of exposure, deliberately seek alternative knowledge and information. 
  • Do research - as basic as just start with Google - ask Google questions - see what pops up - and dig deeper - look at different sources
  • Not sure what you want to be? List a whole lot of things that are interesting to you and start finding ways to learn about them.
  • Not sure where you need to improve? Ask for feedback, SEEK FEEDBACK always - that is how you grow - Feedback is a privilege. 
  • Feeling down, not sure why? Go workout - walk, yoga, HITT, whatever works. Just move. Get endorphins going. Your mood will be highly elevated with some movement - it is our basic biology. One of the things that works for me when I am feeling down (in addition to the workout part) is doing something for other people - go give to someone, give your time, offer help, volunteer, donate, give back in some way.
  • Feeling tired, not sure why? - start with auditing your sleeping habits, caffeine intake before bed, food you put into your body. If your diet consists of processed food, soda, sugar, heavy carbs, I bet changing up your eating habits will make a world of a difference.

Consistency & discipline = results. To make these two easy - take small tiny baby steps every day. It is better to make incremental and CONSISTENT process, than go hard at something and give up or get burned out half way there. 

Whatever you do, please do not just think and dream about it - DO something - action will always beat inaction. Every. Single. Time. 

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