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What are some of the best things you can do for your career?

Whether you are a job searching for a better opportunity, thinking of career change or going towards independent work, or simply looking to grow in your current company / role, these things we must all keep in mind. Reminder for all us that WE NEED TO MAKE TIME for our careers and be proactive - at times when world is moving faster than ever before.

Maintain your future focus - are you still on track with your goals? Do you remember why you do what you do? Have you reviewed your goals for 2020? How many of them will you be taking across to 2021? How many can you achieve before the end of the year? Is what you are spending your time on pushing you closer to your long term goals?

Quality connections - if you have read my posts for some time now - you know I am an advocate for networking and expanding your circles BUT also I want to tell you that it is not just the quantity but more about QUALITY - and that is what I learned in this past year as I navigate the world of start up and entrepreneurship. QUALITY and MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS is where its at. These are the ones who will support you and thrive WITH YOU.

Habits - remove those that are not benefiting you. THAT IS ALL. To learn more about creating successful habits, check out this read. And, to get started on your habit creation with our Bessern community, join our next #BessernChallenge here. 

People - remove those that are dragging you into negative land or victimhood. THAT IS ALL.

Evolve - learn, unlearn, relearn, and adjust/pivot/change as many times as needed, as long as you are moving forward and ahead! Stay up to date on career and business trends in your industry and see what skills you need to maintain your competitive edge as you grow in your career. To learn more about how you can take learning and development in your own hands, read this article

Get proactive about your career. Reach out for a chat about your career - 

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