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This is NOT a workout post, but a investment in yourself one. 

This is NOT a workout post, but a investment in yourself one. 

Most people won’t even like what I have to say - and most won’t apply it , but those who do - it might just change your whole perspective on mindset and growth. 

We all deal with mental health challenges - it affects everyone on this planet just in different capacities. I’m not a mental health expert but an advocate and someone who has her shares of daily struggles (entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster) and our whole business is about well-being at work and helping people / organisations excel. 

And, what I can tell you is that ACTION will always beat inaction - as with mental health - take action to trick your mind with exercise, whole food options, right environment of people, pursuing hobbies and things that bring you joy. 

Just getting moving each day - getting those endorphins going will add sooooo much to your day. And it’s free! Just you putting in the work and moving your body - which is made for that alone! 

If you want to take it a step further - Get yourself a personal trainer, a career / business/podcast coach / nutritionist/ well-being practitioner , etc. - Whatever you look to improve in your life. 
And before you tell me you can’t afford it - lets look at what you spend on brunches,
Going out, stupid things, subscriptions, etc. Things that are unlikely to add to your future. Investing in the right circle of people will have a huge ROI - immediate and long term. Having someone to give you feedback, keep it real with you, keep you accountable, have you own up to your own bullshit - is priceless and a privilege - that is how we grow and improve.

And, fine, even if you really can’t afford it -
Then get a buddy to work out with, watch YouTube videos, read diff materials,
EXPOSE yourself to new information / different perspectives / things that are out of your comfort zone.
Whatever you do - improve incrementally every single day. 

Get out of your own way. The reality is you are not even as great as you can be. 

Worst thing you can do is stay the same. 
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