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How to Increase your productivity?

Productivity is something we all want to be better at! And, we can be - with the right strategy and execution.

First, review how you spend your days - particularly if you feel you are ‘always busy’, track your activities for a week, note down any distractions and how much time it takes you to do a task, etc.

What distractions come up in your day?
  • Can you prevent them?
  • Can you avoid them altogether?
  • What do you need to do to minimize those?
  • Are you spending too much time in meetings that are not productive or necessary?
  • Are you easily distracted because you don’t create boundaries in your workspace or all your notifications are going off continuously?

By being aware, we can then do something about it and make a change now.

Next, prioritize by planning ahead:
  • Plan ahead - don’t over schedule yourself - keep tasks small
  • Break down your tasks by how long it will take to achieve each task and energy needed - meaning should you tackle this one first thing in the morning or can it be done later in the afternoon - for example, creativity for me comes early in the morning - by afternoon I try to avoid any creative work and focus more on meetings and light work / more friendly for my brain.

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