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How to get out of COMFORT ZONE

Pursuing our careers often means we need to get out of our comfort zone, and that is not comfortable for most us, which is why it’s called COMFORT zone. A lot of it has to do with how our brains operate: our brain is there to protect us and thus it stops us from things that might be “dangerous” and CHANGE is dangerous as far as our brain is concerned. Our brain does not distinguish between the real physical danger and - let’s say - danger such as just life change - both are a threat. (Learn more with us at how the brain works with @Bessern)

So, this weekend, let’ trick our brains a bit and teach our brain to adjust to change - it is like a muscle you need to work out. Here are a few things you can do this weekend (and maybe every day moving forward? ) to start expanding that comfort zone of yours before going off the deep end with bigger changes. 

Imagine something that makes you uncomfortable (in your career search, as example); try to rationalize why you should not proceed? If you can rationalize (really rationalize) then maybe it is valid. Most things, however, are over exaggerated in your minds and are much less dramatic when we think logically about them.

Take one small step - want to change careers? Start with only writing down what could be the potential next step. OR want to start a business - start just with some market research this weekend. 

Reflect on when was the last time you felt fear of change? When was the last time you experienced change? What were you feeling? 

When thinking of change, imagine the worst case scenario - often it is not so bad. Then imagine the BEST CASE OUTCOME and how would that feel? Which one wins?

Listen to something, or read something controversial - something you normally would not read or see. EXPAND YOUR MINDSET. 

Try something new - maybe you have been wanting to do stand up paddle board or learn to paint or some other activity - what is it for you? Try it this weekend.
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