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Shift with Me

This week's shift with me post is about career change, understanding loneliness, and finding your purpose. 

Should you quit your job? Full video link 
Jordan Peterson is one of my favorite  educators. He keeps it real, he says what many of us are thinking and brings out a different perspective. Love him or hate it but he does have true wisdom - some of which is beyond even our own comprehension.

Having worked in career development and just general talent development fields for over 10 years now, I can certainly tell you that majority of the people are slaves to their jobs. Surely, a small percentage do not have a choice & often life circumstances force us to be in certain situations. However, a large portion of the population actually has a choice, has many choices, has access to opportunities. Many people just have not discovered what it is that they want to do;  or they are afraid of taking the step - because it is scary. But, there are various ways to minimize the fears and quiet down your own negative mind that is essentially made to protect you. When you start thinking of a big change such as - changing jobs, starting a business, etc., our human self-preservation mechanism / our brain is going to tell us why this is a bad idea and a risk we want to avoid. But, what do you lose each time you give into your fears? What is it costing you? 

On the flip side, I have also seen many people jump ship, change their whole lives, transform in ways that seemed impossible, and thrive against all odds. It just comes down to choice. What are you willing to do to have the career you love and ultimately a life that is fulfilling?  You do have a choice. 

Why are we so lonely? Full video link 
This topic is something I contemplate about quite often. It is something I am still trying to find answers to. Connections are important, and we need social interactions as people - quality over quantity. It is our basic human need. But, I sometimes wonder what if we find so much purpose in our work - our craft - that it sort of overcasts any loneliness one might feel? I think loneliness becomes even more dangerous when we don't have a purpose. 

Being alone is something different from loneliness. There is almost this health/not-healthy distinction. Being alone one can survive. Loneliness, however, sometimes kills. One can feel lonely even when they are around others. I wonder if we lost the art of truly connecting with each other. Of being open with each other. Of sharing our struggles and talking things out with someone. When was the last time you were vulnerable in front of a friend or a loved one? When was the last time you had a heart to heart with someone. We ask others "how are you?" to only get a generic "I am good" answer.

A recent study shows an alarming 3 out 5 people in the US feel lonely. I am sure this figure is similar in other parts of the world as well. If you are one of those people, I hope you reach out - people want to talk to you - sometimes we just have to reach out. You don't have to suffer in silence. 

Who will you reach out to today to check in on them? I mean really check in on people, have a conversation. Ask them how are they doing and don't let them get away with a simple "I am good". Sometimes, sharing and being vulnerable with others will allow others to be vulnerable with us. In fact, it is the only way.

What do you think about loneliness? Do you have resources you can share with us? 

On finding purpose. Full video link.
When looking back at your life, will you be proud of how you lived? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? 

A few days ago I was at dinner with a friend who asked me what is my purpose?  And, of course, I began rambling about my work and how it brings me so much purpose. Creating businesses and giving my time to the youth is part of my legacy. Making education affordable and accessible for all is part of my purpose. And, then I paused because I was not even sure if that is all there is to it. Felt like something was missing from that. Observing my pause and confusion, he said "maybe finding purpose is our purpose." ... maybe the journey is what this is all about...maybe there is no end destination which is why we should soak in every moment. Maybe that is all there is - just the now.

I think we often think that in order for us to leave a legacy, it is needs to be this huge thing, we need to become the Musks or Bezos of this world. But, what if in fact leaving a legacy is just us aspiring to positively influence each person that we cross paths with? Perhaps if we look at it this way, we will find fulfillment and pride in each and every day of our lives because there is always an opportunity each day to impact someone else's life. 
Which of the 3 stood out the most for you today? What are you reading these days?

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'See you' next week! 


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