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This is your blocker in job search

This is effecting your job search…

Job search is daunting; you are applying, maybe even interviewing with no end result. You feel something is wrong with your CV, the market is tough, and overall you are slowly losing hope which makes job search all even more dreadful and mentally exhausting. 

Your biggest blocker can actually be your own mindset - which is understandable when you are faced with continuous lack of results when it comes to job search. But, here is where you have to be careful - not to make it worse by creating a negative mindset around it. Focus on what you want, not how you might be feeling due to these circumstances. 

Your mind will follow your thoughts. Ensure to incorporate these daily small rituals to keep up a positive mindset and ultimately create your future reality by landing that job you deserve:
  • Healthy body - move for at least 30 mins each day - and try to stand up every hour for at least 5-10 mins - walk around, stretch - take a phone call standing up. It becomes easy to spend hours in front of the computer, applying for work - and our bodies are not made to be stationary - make time to move.
  • Choose healthy food options - quality of food = quality of our life, energy, and overall wellbeing - when you are about to eat a meal - look at it - and ask yourself if that is what you want to feed your one body that you have in this life?
  • Sleep - find your perfect sleep cycle - have you noticed that sometimes when you sleep too little you crave more sugar and carbs? Because your body needs energy. Or when you sleep too much - it is almost as if your mind is foggy? Find that sweet spot where you wake up energized and get work done! 
  • Be grateful - there is always something to be grateful for - the more you train your mind to see the positives out of every day - the more positives there will be in your days - the trick is you have to stick with it - but effects are certainly felt immediately. Every day before you sleep - list 3 things you are grateful for that day - no matter how difficult the day was - find those 3 things - you can. 

If you need help with your job search strategy & getting results, schedule a call with me and let's have a chat - Calendly 

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