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How to take control of…well things you can control?

We spend so much energy being anxious about things we cannot control - political climates, pandemic, competition of the job market, etc. Energy that is wasted, gone, not to used in the right way. Instead, let us put that energy and keep our mind occupied with things we can control. Where focus goes, energy flows - as the famous saying goes

Continue learning - how often do you learn something new or upgrade your skills set? Do you need to Unlearn something?

Choices - how you choose to show up in this world is what matters - you can play victim or take control and make things happen. Get proactive about your life. Reflect on how you spend your free time? WHO do you spend your time with? ‘Spring clean’ your circle and your bad habits - replace instead of people and habits that help you thrive

Give a helping hand - give back to community, help someone with their CV/ review their profile, give your feedback, recommend them to speak with someone, connect them with someone who might be hiring, offer something with no expectations! What comes around always comes back around, the more good is out there the more will come back to you. Proven strategy that works.

Who knows you? - at your work and in your network - do people know what you have to offer? What makes you unique? Why would someone hire you or give you a project vs someone else? Who needs to know what is it that you know and do? Aka reputation/ personal brand - focus on this

Accept what is - change perspective from being anxious about the future to getting excited about what is to come! If you think about it - our mind are powerful - and we create our own realities - don’t you want to create something awesome? Be realistic but be OPTIMISTIC as well - it goes way further than just be a low energy/negative person.


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