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Career Coaching
One-on-one career coaching
is the first step in transforming
your career
Whether you want to explore your interests, different career paths, develop job search strategy, or want to achieve a specific goal – we can help you in your journey. Career coaching will give you the tools, support, and guidance for you to get to the next right opportunity.
The coaching sessions are completely customizable based on your specific goals and ambitions
We will have 1 to 1 session to discuss your goals and work out the best way forward with actionable steps, timelines, and removal of any obstacles.

The process is very structured with weekly homework (which can include reading, watching a video or self-reflection work), goals, and accountability to keep you on track to shift to the next level in your career.

If you have further questions, explore the website for more information or reach out to me directly and let's thrive together in 2023!
Choose your program to shift your life
In this program, you will discover your interests and potential areas of interest for work. You will explore your career choices, untapped potential, personality traits, and areas of work which drive you forward. You will learn the formula for successfully interviewing and salary negotiations. Through this discovery process, you will identify your next steps and a way forward to the right next step.
In this program, you will identify, create, and design a strategy to maintain your personal brand. You will align your marketing material and social media presence towards an image and brand that is consistent and aligned with your future career goals. You will also do a discovery exercise to explore how your network perceives you and if it is associated with how you want to be perceived.
In this program, you will discover where you can potential making a shift. You will discover if there is any gap between where you are and where you want to go. We will look at your priorities and develop an action plan forward. You will also gain tools and tips to stay organized and motivated during the transition.
  • Self-awareness, growth mindset and emotional intelligence – the basis for it all
  • Cognitive load management – managing the influx of information around us and making sense of priorities that help drive us towards our goals
  • Creating effective habits for career and life success
  • Productivity and life hacks – learn to disrupt yourself
  • Wellbeing – creating a lifestyle for growth
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