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Group Sessions
Shift Programs
for groups and individuals
SHIFTING energy to design the positive future we want will have more impact than reminiscing the past we need to leave behind or engaging in negativity of any kind.
By shifting yourself and others and gaining PowerSkills, you ensure to maintain your competitive edge in the market and drive your business forward.

In order for us to be successful in the future of work and business, we need to place our focus on continuous development of specific skills – these skills are beyond hard and soft skills, they are PowerSkills.

In these programs, we focus on making a shift towards the future we want to create. This includes developing a set of skills: Hard Skills are soft (they change all the time, are constantly being obsoleted, and are relatively easy to learn), and Soft Skills are hard (they are difficult to build, critical, and take extreme effort to obtain)
Choose your program to shift your life
Shift Yourself Program
5 essential steps to becoming a people leader
  • Management essentials - self-awareness, growth mindset and emotional intelligence
  • Cognitive load management – managing the influx of information around us and making sense of priorities that help drive us towards our goals
  • Making it stick - creating effective habits for career and life success
  • Productivity hacks – learn to disrupt yourself
  • Wellbeing at work – creating a lifestyle for growth
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Shift Your team
Overcoming top 5 middle managers obstacles for growth
  • Leading with Emotional intelligence - ability to understand our emotions, have strong self-awareness, and stay motivated and driven in times on adversity
  • Connecting through Social intelligence – ability to influence and motivate others
  • Expanding into a T-shaped professional – have deep knowledge in at least one discipline, they have the ability to communicate effectively while crossing multiple others
  • Implementing Design Mindset - the ability to look holistically at your environment, your objectives, your resources, and your challenges, and shape HOW you are going to reach that objective.
  • The Balancing Act – how not to burn the candle at both events as a manager – taking care of your wellbeing while inspiring your team members to do the same.
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Career Boost Program
4-Week Career Growth and Fitness Program
The program combines career coaching and physical fitness training, helping you to achieve your career goals while improving your overall health.

What’s included:
  • Weekly 30 mins group sessions
  • 30 mins individual check-ins with coach
  • Self-learning and weekly action plan
  • Customised career / skills growth plan & fitness plan
Why combine career growth & fitness?
Physical well-being impact on career performance:
  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Improved Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Better Stress Management
  • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Employees who engage in regular exercise were 15% more likely to have higher job performance
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Well-being & career development
Well-being & career development
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How group sessions work
For group sessions, max of 12 people per group to ensure engagement and quality of interaction
Sessions take place virtually or in person (depending on client preferences)
Each session is 2 hour, and offline slack channel for group support and any Q&A between sessions
After session, homework will be assigned that is aligned with the course content to help further drive development and reach results
All sessions will be recorded, and participants will have access post training for the material
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