Career Boost:
Career Growth and
Fitness Program
Program is designed to help you achieve success in your career and physical wellbeing
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    Career Growth
    Progress in your career through advancing your soft skills
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    Fitness and Health
    Maintain healthy habits through custom personal fitness program
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    to meet like minded people and have a support throughout this journey.
4 WEEKS to elevate your career and wellbeing
Program overview
The program combines career coaching and physical fitness training, helping you to achieve your career goals while improving your overall health.
1 HOUR WEEKLY group session
to check-in, track the progress, bounce ideas off other participants
Individual coaching session once per week with the coach
UP TO 5 participants
to ensure tailored approach and quality of interactions
Self-guided learning
Chat access
to address individual concerns and challenges in between sessions
and access to resources throughout the program and beyond
Virtual session to join from anywhere
Physical well-being encompasses a range of factors, such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and overall health. When you make an effort to prioritize these areas, you can see significant improvements in your career performance. Exercise has also been shown to improve cognitive function, including memory, attention, and decision-making skills. This means that regular exercise can help you stay focused and alert throughout the workday, making you more productive and efficient in your job.

Here are some ways that physical well-being can impact your career performance:
  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Improved Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Better Stress Management
  • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Besides, exercise can also help you build important professional skills such as discipline, goal setting, and time management. When you commit to a regular exercise routine, you learn to prioritize your time and stay disciplined to achieve your fitness goals. These skills can translate directly to the workplace, where discipline and time management are key to success.

By taking care of your body and prioritising your health, you can perform better in your job, increase your job satisfaction, and achieve greater success in your career.
There is a strong connection between physical well-being and career performance. When you take care of your body, you are more likely to perform better in your job, have higher job satisfaction, and be more productive overall.
Why combine career growth & fitness?
Agenda for 4 weeks
Program starts on the 1st of every month
Elena Agaragimova: A Catalyst for Transformation in Talent Development
In this program I will bring both sides of the coin together to help you be at your best performance!

As an experienced talent development and business growth consultant I will help you identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to optimize your career.

As a certified personal trainer and wellness coach I create individual program that increase your productivity, focus, and resilience, while also reducing stress and burnout.
Talent Development Expert | Career Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Podcast Host | Author | Cognitive Science Enthusiast
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About the coach
  • Martin Miksch
    Project Manager | Germany
    As a coach Elena had a tremendous impact on my personal development. She supported me to overcome limiting beliefs, change my mindset and behavior. I consider her sessions as a starting point of an ongoing process to become a better version of myself. On this path many relationships in my personal and professional life have flourished. I see the world with different eyes and like to tackle challenges much more than before. If that’s what you desire, I recommend to reach out to her. She is very approachable, and you will be surprised what’s hidden inside you.
  • Gvantsa Turashvili
    Business Analyst | USA
    I found Elena a few months ago to help me with my career growth and development. The 1st thing I said right after the 1st session was, "I wish I had found you earlier"! I spoke to many career coaches during my search and after only 5 minutes of speaking with Elena, I knew I wanted to work with her. She has been instrumental in my job search process and much more. She helps me develop the mindset and habits I need to be successful in my professional life. She always provides me with valuable advice and guidance. I've also become her devout LinkedIn follower as she always shares great articles/insights on talent development/success habits/ and much more. She is very responsive, extremely passionate about her work, and truly cares about the success of her clients. I'd recommend Elena to anyone who wants to tap into their potential and finally find out what they are capable of.
  • Nawaf Yusuf
    Business Development Professional | Saudi Arabia
    I reached out to Elena in one of the most difficult times of my life and to my surprise she dint hesitate one bit to give me a hand. I have always found her professional and someone who doesn't mind sharing knowledge that would benefit others. Elena helped me polish my speaking and interview skills which were horrible. If you are starting your career or in mid-life crisis, reach out to Elena who will not disappoint.
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Program starts on the 1st of every month.
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Program "Career Boost: 4-Week Career Growth and Fitness Program
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